Restoring Vintage Audio Equipment

Phoenix HiFi

Below are the completed MC30s in the main system.  The one on the left is the "stock" chassis and the right one is Joe Auwen's reproduction chassis.   The closeups show the left on top and the right on the bottom.  Each unit now drives one channel of the Altec Model 19s that are in the final stages of restoration. 

Input tubes are Telefunken smooth plates, 5814s in the 12AU7 position, Sylvania (left) and RCA (right) 12BH7 and Sovtek !2AX7LPS in the final cathode follower position.  The output tubes are currently Winged C 6550C's, but the units are really designed for the 1614 or 6L6GC tubes.  I normally use my reissue Tung-Sol 6L6GC's, but the 6550's are an experiment.

Here are some photos of the re-assembly stages of the new sibling showing where the choke mod is installed.