Restoring Vintage Audio Equipment

Phoenix HiFi

Everthing Matter Audio Club, EMAC,  was started around 2000 by a group of engineers and technicians who shared a common interest in the home audio experience.  As we grew our collective resume included a wider variety of occupation, but our common interest in quality sound remains. Some are tube aficionados, some speaker guys and some solid state devotees.  But we all  chase better sound.  Early on, after reading the POOGE chronicles and trying some things on our own equipment, we came to the conclusion that, at least to some ears, every design choice matters.  Technology, topology, layout, parts selection and materials all affect the sound.  Some more than others, but it all matters.  Hence the name.

These design choices have been made since equipment has been designed.  It became fascinating to us to revisit some of these decisions in a historical light: would the same choices be made today if these parts were available then?  If shipping weight was not a criterion, would the choice based purely on sound quality be the same?

This site is about one member's journey toward understanding what matters most and why.  Some of the projects here are modern experiments and some are revisits  of vintage decisions.  This stuff is fun!

About Me

My name is Bill Warriner, and I am an MSEE recently retired from the high reliability aerospace electronics industry.  In the beginning, after a stint as an electronics assembler,  and before my aerospace engineering career, I was trained and employed as an audio  electronics technician in the Baltimore/Washington area from 1976 to 1982.  With the opportunity to work on all the major brands my experience is broad.  My passion for better sound is rooted in 1) 14 years of formal musical training culminating in a position with the USMA Band at West Point 2) a spark ignited in me by my father's father, an electrical engineer who built his own "HiFi" 3) my electronics and systems engineering training that helps me to find answers to questions like,  "why does it sound different?" 

Inspired by the "everything Matters audio club"