Restoring Vintage Audio Equipment

Phoenix HiFi

Altec Model 19

Altec Model 19 Restoration included cabinets and crossovers.

With help from Joe Auwen in Prescoot Arizona, these MC30s look beautiful.  They also feature a reversible modification that adds a 7Henry choke to the power supply.

Marantz Model 33 Rebuild

Completely rebuilt.  All caps, some transistors and a few resistors were replaced.  I modified the unti to add a balanced output.  This unit is currently in my main system.

McIntosh MC30 Refurb and Mod

Fisher 800-C refurbishment included new power supply caps, bias supply mod to allow bias adjustments, new coupling caps, new AC switch and a modern replica wood case.

Fisher 800-C AM/FM Stereo multiplex receiver
Fisher XP-15>
Empire 9000 Royal Grenadiers >

Dual 12" woofers in a sealed enclosure.  Cabinets were in pretty good shape, but I replaced  crossover capacitors with film types, and replaced the non functional fabric dome tweeters with Beston planar tweeters, though pictured here is the original fabric dome.

Completely refinished, including a rebuilt base. All crossover caps were replaced with modern film caps with the tweeter fed with a Jupiter Beeswax film cap.  My son in law loves them, "they rock"   Kids today.  When I was a kid back in the 60s we never rocked.

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